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What is an Irrigation System?

Irrigation systems in the valley of the sun are designed and installed for both sprinkler and drip irrigation. Irrigation can provide much-needed water to your soil or lawn, enhancing your landscaping efforts in the process. Irrigation is the artificial application of water pushed through various systems of pumps, sprays, and tubes. It is often used when natural water sources or rain are not sufficient. In many parts of Arizona, irrigation systems are necessary.

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Benefits of Irrigation Systems

These systems are recommended for the Phoenix Valley because they offer a sustainable and cost-effective way of watering both gardens and lawns. Let’s take a look at a few benefits of irrigation system installations.

Increases Property Value

A beautiful, well-maintained lawn can ultimately increase the resale value of your home. Additionally, installing these irrigation systems can save you time and money, which can be spent on other home improvement projects.

Environmentally Friendly

One obvious benefit of installation is that it can help conserve water overall. It is estimated that these systems can save between 30-50 percent of water that homeowners typically use through other conventional watering methods.

Improves Plant Growth

When plants, lawns, flowers, and crops are watered on a consistent basis, they will typically grow faster. Homeowners will undoubtedly notice their gardens and lawns looking greener than ever following installation.

Saves Time & Money

Water is never wasted in an automatic irrigation system. The experts at Sonoran Landscape Design can program the system to deliver water only at specified times during the day.

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