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Ramadas can be built in many different styles to accent the home’s architecture. Each style provides a shady place to relax out of the intense Arizona sun. If you are searching for “Ramadas” or “Pergola Installation” in Fountain Hills, Mesa, Paradise Valley, or Scottsdale, Arizona, look no further than Sonoran Landscape Design!

How to Choose Between a Ramada or Pergola?

Pergolas and Ramadas serve different purposes, so each homeowner should choose the structure that best serves their needs. If you want full protection from the elements, then ramada installation is recommended. Homeowners wishing for only partial shade should opt for a pergola. Consider these factors below.


Ramadas can be either square or rectangular in shape, featuring a solid closed roof on top. Ramadas can shield you completely from the outdoor elements while providing shade at the same time. These structures are typically built over outdoor kitchens in an effort to protect the appliances from inclement weather. Anyone wishing to install an outdoor kitchen should invest in a ramada as well.


Typically placed in lawns and gardens, pergolas form a shaded walkway or lounge area. They feature cross beams that come in a variety of patterns on the roof. Pergolas continue to increase in popularity as most designs match modern tastes and preferences. Pergolas are also quite easy to maintain.

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Ramada & Pergola Benefits

Home Architecture

Pergolas are versatile enough to fit in with all sorts of architecture. You might desire to dress the structure up a little bit if you have an older home or a traditional cottage-style structure.

Space Consideration

Ramadas tend to take up more space as independent structures. These are perfect for larger, more open backyard areas. Pergolas, meanwhile, are ideal for smaller backyards and homes featuring open patios.

Budget Limitation

Pergolas are a bit more affordable than Ramadas. Experienced installers will be able to settle the Pergola in your desired area in only a few days.

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